Classification of museums: Museums can be classified on the basis of their purpose:-

  • Art museum: Art museum includes artwork, fine artwork. 
  • Architectural museum: From architectural museums, you can collect information about architectural styles, architectural development etc. 
  • Archeology museum: Archeological museums specialize in the display of archeological items in the museum. 
  • Biographical museum: Biographical museums are related to the life history of one person or many people working in some area. 

  • Anthropology museum: Anthropological museums are related to anthropology or development of human with the time. By visiting in anthropological museum we can understand and develop knowledge about human’s history.
  • Car museum: A car museum deals with classic Cars, it’s history and their developments. 
  • Ethnology Museum
  • Children’s museum: Children museums are established with the objectives of informal learning for children’s. Here, you may find simulators etc. Here, children can learn many things in fun through devices, toys etc. Normally, it has a good collection of images/ photos/ pictures, cartoons, charts/ tables, models, maps, etc. concerning the subjects taught in school level. 

  • Design museum: Various kinds of designs are displayed in a design museum. These designs may be product design, industrial design etc. Here, you can see how designs changes with the time. Ergonomics in design of many things. 
  • Mobile museum: You must be aware about changes in the mobile technology in short time. It gives idea about changes in the technical aspects of mobile communication/ computing. 
  • Open air museum: Open air museum is not confined with four walls. 
  • Science museum: Here, you will find scientific development cases. Here, visitors’ can also learn many scientific information about invention. They can see devices. 

  • Medical museum: It s related to the changes in medical sciences. 
  • Memorial museum: Memorial museums are established in the memory of someone. 
  • Military museum: Military museum display arms, weapons, tanks, uniforms of army, ships, aircraft models, things or gadgets used by defense personnel. 
  • Maritime museum: Maritime museum has a collection of boats, ships, sub-marines etc. and people using Maritimes for businesses or other purposes.

  • Virtual museum: Virtual museums are used to recreate the scene which cannot be developed physically or in physical form. For example: there is a museum in a country like: Cambodia where one hospital is virtually recreated to give glimpses of people suffering in world war. These museums are based on the concept of virtual reality. It means, creating actual like atmosphere (i.e. images, animations, sounds) using technology. 
  • Specialized museum: Specialized museums are specialized in one area. 
  • Natural history museum

Museums can also be divided in to two classes as

  1. Private museum
  2. Government Museums  

Classification of museums
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