Tour Guiding in a museum: For museum tour guiding, you must have knowledge about the things, period, weather it is original or duplicates, science museums, miniature paintings, terracotta work, sculptures, arms and weapons, furniture, coins, traditional dresses, Turbans, Carpet, textile, Pagadi (headgear).

Tour Guiding in a museum

Therefore, the tour guide must also have good oratorship, sense of timings (as museum timings are limited and important). Tour guide must have data about collection and must be able to justify his statement. Before taking a tour group to the museum, tour guide must know why people visit museum? Probable answers are:-

1. They feel good 

People feel that they are spending good time in collecting knowledge about the past. Its’ a cold place. When you are going to a place and not visiting museum, it means your visit is incomplete. 

2. It makes you smarter and informative

When you are visiting museum, you are smarter. Your kids will collect good information. We can perceive museum as a classroom out of college, where anyone can collect knowledge in interesting manner. 

3. It is a source of inspiration

Museum is a source of inspiration. Keeps generations together. We may know our past and pass on to the resent generation by taking them to museum. 

4. Education

Museum visit could be a part of education. Many students/ research scholars’ visit museum to learn and see practically. The Museum is a great source of inspiration for many people. For example: if you are a student of anthropology. It is difficult to understand many aspects of human development trough books. But, by visiting Manav Sangrahalaya, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, you can see the human development. It is easy to remember. 

Popular museums of the world

Popular museums of the world will help you to understand what is the purpose of museum? These museums are:-

  1. Louvre Museum: It is located in Paris, France. It has good collection from Egypt, Asia, Greek, and Rome. 
  2. Hermitage Museum: It has largest collection of paintings. 
  3. The British Museum. 
  4. The Egyptian museum. 
  5. Uffizi 
  6. The Met- Metropolitan Museum of Art
  7. Moma 
  8. The Vatican Museum
  9. Prado
  10. The national Archeology museum It is in Greece.

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