Airline Reservation System (ARS): A computerized system is a system in which information about flight schedules, and their availability, fare types  (economy/ business class etc) and others connected information and services  about the airlines which helps in booking or issuing the tickets to the customers through which airline inventory is maintained, reservations can be made and/or tickets issued.

Airline Reservation System

Importance and Benefits of Airline Reservation System

This kind of reservations system is widely used by airline offices e.g. ATO etc and the various general sales agents (GSA’s) utilized the services of the system for their smooth reservations process.

To ask for the booking of the tickets and rely on the single price of the same on the travel agents is gone days now. Today’s world the consumer may purchase the tickets from the online portals. By using the online portals/ apps of the companies the consumers may compare the prices on several airlines to travelers to print boarding passes and selecting their choice of seat and meals as well while sitting at home. 

This type if airlines system helps to customers in many ways like booking or reservations on the net. The customers can check it online. The passengers may check the availability and can compare the prices of the tickets on the websites of the companies. Airline Reservation System

Few of the companies allow us to choose the fare as per our choice and we may compare the same with the others airlines also. But there is no doubt that we can book the same by contacting to the airline offices. So thus system has helped a lot and transformed the way of travel and made very easy and less costly for all the customers.

The traditional reservation system which was followed in 1930 has now been evolved as Computerized Reservation system. The Modern Reservation System performs the functions in a systematic and effective way of booking and issuing of the tickets to the customers.

Airline Reservation System generally works in line with Global Distribution System. Internet booking engines work with the help of Global Distribution System (GDS) and Most of the companies offer one or more booking engines. 

But, no doubt there are other independent travel booking agencies or is also called Non-GDS companies like DataLex and SITA travels also offer popular booking engines. To work effectively it is required that Internet booking engines must access the Global Distribution system (GDS) through a booking engine.

It shows the list of the various flights which are available for the selected route by the customers. It also depicts the seats available on the selected flight and allows for the passengers to book the ticket online after making the payment through the various methods like online, internet, bankingcards, etc.

Before making the payment the customers need to fill his her detail like name age, address. And after making the payment the customer receives the e ticket and a message on the registered email and mobile number which was given while booking the e ticket. This type of reservation system not only allows booking the tickets but also provides the freedom to cancel the tickets as well, in case of exigency or problem.

The basic objective behind to use this type of system to make comfortable and easy and error free (occurs in manual system) for the customers to book the tickets online, modify or cancel the reservation hassle free. 

The main purpose of this software is to reduce the manual errors involved in the airline reservation process and make it convenient for the customers to book the flights as when they require such that they can utilize this software to make reservations, modify reservations or cancel a particular reservation.

In addition to airline travel agencies, the highly useful system proves quite beneficial for the passengers as they get the required flight details within less time by simply sitting at your home or office without waiting in the long queue. It is very easy for the customers to search the information about any flights to reserve or book the tickets of their choice of destination and of course price also.

The Airline reservation system gives the freedom to choose and compare the flight price and timings with different timing or particular day or date that really encourage them to make the reservation and bookings etc. Even the loyal or repeat passengers get the regular updates of the offers and discounts on their phones and email ID. 

The complete details is provided/displayed on the screen of the computer or mobile now these days which includes timing fare, baggage rules and other instructions etc, departure terminal, Gate No etc. Expected Travel Time and Time of Departure etc.

Therefore It May be concluded that AIR Line Reservations System is the  most trustful and handy software that is specifically designed with integrated GDS ( Global Distribution System) to offer easier and convenient booking procedure to both passengers and airline companies.

Reservations Services Manual [RSM]

In order to understand in a better way the reservations rules and procedure a reference or training manuals may be consulted by the user’s properties. It contains the various examples which help to users to operate in efficient way and understand the rules and procedures in detail.

The main advantage of using the manual system is that all the rules and regulations pertaining to the reservations message procedures etc are agreed and accepted worldwide. The various travel related products and services used by the tourists or customers may be distributed with the help of the various marketing distribution channels like professional agents etc.

This kind of manual establishes the relationship among the technology and airlines, customers, media and service providers etc. This system or manual supports to existing reservations system (the Reservations Interline Message Procedures – Passenger, AIRIMP), in performing the booking functions in a systematic and efficient way.

It also helps them to follow the standard procedures and make enable to airlines and other travel industry organizations to perform their day to day functions in mostly economic and in a responsible manner to the prospective customers.

Airline Reservation System (ARS)

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