Why Tour Guiding is important?

An important question for every tour guide is why is guiding necessary for a traveller? Will it survive after introduction of high tech devices, consoles, apps for guiding virtually? What are the strengths of a tour guide? A tour guide must know following points:  

  • Origin of various religions

Various religions have their roots in India and because of this people all over the world looks towards India. Many dream of visiting shrines, monuments and other religious places of Lord Buddha, Lord Rama, and Sufi saints like Mohammed Gaus. 

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  • Place of learning

India holds great value for those who want to learn Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Traditional Dances and much more. 

  • Places of heritage

India has many heritages sites. These sites offer a view to the rich past (of India) through the eyes of a tour guide. 

  • Places with rich culture

India is a country with warm climate and good agricultural resources apart from this, rivers like the Ganges, Yamuna, Kaveri, and Mahanadi ensure goods crops thus allowing people to enjoy culture. 

  • Diverse places, cultures, traditions at one place

When people visit India they could see many things. One can find mountains, vast plains, desert, ravines, snow and beaches all in one country. 

  • Sensitisation

Tour guide sensitize people about rich past, many issues related to environment  and changing time. They make our past presentable. When you will go to Ajanta, 

Ellora, tour guides are very sensitive towards use of polybags, cleanliness in caves  and tourists area. They educate visitors about the environment. 

They connect stories with present day problems. 

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  • Multiple views and thoughts
    • There are diverse views and thoughts in our country. It is welcomed in the democratic system of India.  
    • India has had a well developed system to deal with travel since ancient times. We had the concept of deshatan, teerthatan, paryatan. People travelling to religious places for salvation were kept under the category of teerthatan. In our system travel was always linked to its purpose. People going to religious places were helped by Pandas in offering prayer and completing rituals. It was a relationally rich network. 
    • People going to places for business had identified locals that could help them liaison with the local businessmen. These merchants also had arrangements for their stay. 
    • During the time of Sher Shah Suri, sarais were constructed on roadsides for the purpose of accommodation.

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  • Linkage

A tour guides links you with the locals and helps to get knowledge about villagers, living style, food habits, language. Sometimes, he acts as a translator. 

He creates sense of trust for villagers as well as visitor. 

Why Tour Guiding is important?