Role of a Tourist Guide: What to do if you are a guide? Being a tourist guide you must understand that every place has a potential to woo tourist has a historical significance. While interpreting it should have focus on the evidences or authentic sources which may vary period to period. It is advisable to use history for a better presentation in the following ways:

  • History has to be taken as a discipline seriously and there is no scope in historical writings or presentation for imaginary events or even mythologies.
  • If you are going for commentary or write up based on myths and legends, must mention that such commentary has no historical evidence to prove it.
  • Anecdotes should be presented as anecdotes and not as history and there is always a way to do it.
  • You should not forget that modern tourist is well equipped with all necessary information regarding destinations i.e. he does all his homework before leaving for his choice of destination. This may possible that he/she may cross check your commentary through good guide books, internet or other available sources. Avoid demonstrating your poor quality of knowledge which may create cross situations for guiding skills.
  • While describing monument always focus on art styles and designs, architecture and artisans.
  • Do not create any spurious history but re enact it through sound reading based on authentic works.
  • Do not let your personal bias or perceptions overshadow historical reality.
  • Consult sources as many as possible to make your presentation reliable.
  • Avoid such descriptions that may lead to communal hatred or divide.
  • Always update yourself with knowledge of history through recent publications and interaction with historians.
  • While making presentations or write ups give due weight age to political, social, economic and cultural aspects rather than only concentrating upon the role of the kings or the deeds of the dynasties.

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Role of a Tourist Guide