Airport Check-in procedure: The check-in or the embarkation procedure is very important to understand as the process has four following steps if a passenger is flying within domestic boundaries but if the passenger has a an itinerary according to which the passenger is traveling outside the domestic boundaries or to be accurate internationally than the procedure includes thirteen steps. The following steps are:

  • First, the passenger enters into the Airport building through the departures. Ticket and ID check for passenger only.
  • Secondly, the passenger baggage that has to be ‘checked-in’ is passed through the X-ray machine. Baggage security tag is either tied to the handle or the sticker is pasted on the baggage.
  • Check-in counter- passenger hands over his ticket to the staff, places his baggage on the belt/ weighting machine.
  • The ‘counter’ staff then ‘checks-in’ the passenger/s, tags his/her/their baggage. Returns the ticket with the boarding card, the Baggage tabs and the ‘Embarkation’ and customs forms in case of an International travel/flight.
  • In some cases the passenger may have to pay ‘Excess baggage’ charge or allowance at the time he/she is checked-in if baggage is more than the FBA free baggage allowance.

In case of international travel immigration check procedure also follows-

  • The passenger’s passport, visa for destination is checked-in by the staff and the departure date is stamped on the passport. The passenger collects the Embarkation form here from the staff.

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Embarkation Form Details: The details which have to be furnished in the Embarkation Form include the following:

  • Name
  • Gender- Male, Female
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport number with date
  • Passport number with pace of issue
  • Validity of passport
  • Permanent address
  • Departure flight number
  • Destination
  • Port of embarkation
  • Signature of passenger

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After these formalities the passenger embarkation proceed towards its further stages

  • Custom clearance – for international passenger only (NOT at all airports)
  • First boarding card check – done manually or electronically by a barcode printed on the boarding card
  • Baggage identification for passengers. This is done mainly for passengers from connecting flights or a routine check at few airports.
  • Security checks for passengers and hand baggage before entering the waiting area.
  • Wait in the boarding lounge before embarkation on the aircraft
  • Second boarding card check
  • The boarding card is split into two parts, and one is retained by the ground staff at the aircraft check-in point
  • Passengers board the aircraft and show their boarding to the cabin crew to guide them to their seats.

This is the whole Embarkation procedure, which a passenger/s has to go through before boarding a flight.

Airport Check-in Procedure

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