Class of Tickets in Airlines: It has been seen that air fares generally changes according to the various reasons like economic situations of the specific regions, etc. Now these days’ airlines company put all the efforts to attract the customers and offers the various big deals like discounts on the festivals and occasions. Class of Tickets in Airlines

It is very much supported that heavy discounts attracts and motivate the travelers to purchase the tickets most. Airlines try to offer extraordinary deals in order to cling the lowest airfare to travelers. The low cost airlines have changed the traveler attitude now these days and influenced to the nature of the traveler to visit around the tourism destinations.

ClassTypes Of Ticket
Economy       class (Economy seating is cramped and less expensive.)These types of tickets are generally cheaper and are not having comfortable seats and the passengers are also not offered any specific meal, they shall be placing the order separately if they require so.
It is also limitation of the several cheaper airlines which do not offer or may don’t have the first-class seating option or a business available, and thus offers only economy class available to the passengers.
First-class (First class seats are comfortable and spacious.) The passengers in possession of air -tickets are offered to access the most relaxed seats in a specific airline. Besides too comfortable/relaxed seats there are others amenities and facilities offered to the passengers than cheaper tickets.
The most advantages of purchasing this type of tickets are very comfortable seats with extra leg space. They are also privileged to avail the quality meal services than economy class.
Few of airlines, especially does serve the alcoholic and Non alcoholic beverages to the passengers. Apart from the large leg space and in-flight catering quality services, they are also to enjoy the executive services of lounges, etc.  For using the privileged services of the airlines the customer has to pay more than economy ticket.  
Child ticketsMany airlines do charge for any escorted youth or infant. There will be nominal charges shall be collected if the child is an infant, usually around or less than two years. 
In this case, the child shall not be offered any seat; they will sit on their guardian’s lap. If a child is more than two years ago, the guardians have to purchase the ticket for his child, though shall be purchased on the discounted price from the airlines.
Round-trip ticketsThe meaning of round trip refers to the circulation of the trip the passengers shall start the journey from the specific destinations and will come back to origin of destination only.
The passengers similarly will purchase the tickets as per the round trip. The main advantage of purchasing the round trip tickets is cheaper than a one way ticket.
The various airlines offer discounts on bookings, if the passengers shall book their round trip journey from the same airline.
One-way airline ticketsIt is just opposite to round trip type ticket. The passenger shall be purchasing the ticket for the onward journey only. The passenger has to buy another ticket if he wishes to travel at other destinations from the visited destination. This type of air-ticket is cheaper than round trip tickets.    
Refundable ticketRefundable tickets are a ticket type that makes eligible to the passenger for a refund.  The passenger shall not eligible to get any refund if he cancels his trip or do not travel etc.
But he may change his travel date provided that the airlines should have that policy. Generally, different airline have different rule and regulations regarding the changing the date of trips and charges for the same.
Non-Refundable ticketsThe discounted type of tickets is also called Non Refundable tickets. The passenger shall not be getting any refund in case of any changes made to the bookings like unable to travel at the specifics date etc.
The rules regarding transferring the travel date may vary from one airline to another airline and re-issue fee or penalty may apply.

Reservation Procedure 

The word Reservation in the Travel industry is used for blocking of the seats or accommodation in the hotels, without completing the process of buying actually. In the airline industry it refers to block the seats on a request of the passenger, while reservations process the reservationist need the details of the passenger like name of the passenger, age, destination, date and time of travel and other necessary information shall be taken into account.

Reservations can be done by using the Central Reservations system by any professionals working in the travel and tourism industry.   The CRS  stores all the information about the flight schedules prices or routes , documents required etc and also contain many other information like weather and travel advisories etc and it works in line with the GDS global distribution system.

There are various functions which are being performed by using the CRS like booking and cancellations of the flights, moderation of the flights etc.

The main features of the system are:

  i) Flight search:  The detail of the flights and timings, fares, schedules etc can be searched.

(ii) Registration of the User: It extends the services of the online user registration by which the passenger can book and cancel the tickets online.  

iii) Flight Reservation: The member can book his/her tickets,  shall be asked to fill up the details and make the appropriate payment in respect of airline fare by internet banking or credit card/debit card etc. after making the payment the passenger shall receive a message containing the PNR number and e ticket on the registers e mail ID.

iv) Flight Cancellation:  Member can cancel the existing booking. Class of Tickets in Airlines

Class of Tickets in Airlines

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