Airline Ticket Itineraries: These can be 

  1. One Way Trips
  2. Round Trips or Return Journeys
  3. Circle Trips 
  4. Round The World Trips
  5. Open Jaw Trips 

One Way Trips

It is a journey undertaken by a traveler which is in the eyes of fare construction specialist does not qualify for a complete round trip or a circle trip completed by air. This is for one direction only. It fits the needs of the traveler who do not require a return flight or for travelers who lack a firm return date schedule. Generally when such people travel they have to buy a second ticket for their return sector. Example CCU DEL  UK-F

Round Trip OR Return Journeys

It is a journey from a point to another point that is return is to the point of origin but follows the same route. In other words it is travel between a point of origin to a point of destination and again return to the point of origin. In this there will be two things an outbound component that is from origin to destination and an inbound component that is an inbound component.

The route may differ between the outbound and inbound sector but same one way fare should be applicable to both inbound and outbound portion. Round trip tickets give permission to the traveler to travel to their destination and back. These travels have their schedules fixed up for return too. Example DEL MAA 9W-F DEL 9W –F 

Circle Trip

It is journey, which will satisfy the condition of returning to the point of departure but will not retrace its route. This will be other than round trips which will be undertaken from one point and return to the same point where journey will be continuous and circuitous air route. This may include round the world journeys too.

It can involve multi cities and finally return to the origin point wherein all the transportation is done by commercial airlines. Example DEL CCU SG-F BOM SG-F DELSG-F

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Types of Airline Ticket Itineraries

Round The World Trips

These are a variety of circle trips only and apply to a continuous last bound or west bound travel starting from and returning to the same point via both east and the west. The fare construction is done same as that of a circle trip.

This journey’s ticket allow you to buy a airlines ticket which allows you to fly around the world and the time duration provided is full one year. There can be three to twenty stops each generally at a different airport. It comes at a comparative lesser price.

Now these air tickets are offered by airlines alliances Sky Team, Star Alliance and One World to name a few. In such a journey ticket there are few restrictions that have to be kept in mind generally the origin and destination need to be situated within one geographic country.

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One crossing of the Atlantic and Pacific must take place. The number of stops should not be less than five and more than sixteen. Detouring between the continents is also prohibited especially when it comes to Europe and Asia. 

Open Jaw

This is a basically a round trip or a circle trip but the difference will be that it has one segment which has not been covered by air travel. It can be a round trip journey where the point of arrival is different from the point of departure.

It generally has a surface sector. Example DEL BOM MAA there is an open jaw between DEL and MAA. This can have further classification like origin open jaw, destination open jaw, turnaround open jaw etc. 


INTRACONTINENTAL FLIGHTS are the flights, which complete their journeys within one continent. Example Delhi to Kathmandu

INTERCONTINENTAL FLIGHTS are flights that complete their journeys across the continents. Example Delhi to New York

Types of Airline Ticket Itineraries

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